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Moon Calf

Input text: 
the tan cow is on the moon rug. the rug is on the very tall mountain range. the sun is black. The starfield texture is on the sky. The green illuminator is 3 feet above the cow. The blue illuminator is 2 feet to the right of the green illuminator. The huge reflective rock is 5 feet behind the rug.
#scifi #pun 
Zamchick (legacy) 
Zamchick (legacy) 
Sky looks a bit like the sparkles in black coal.
Zamchick (legacy) 
Can we shoot for "There are stars in the the sky" (My friend Vincent asks for "it was a starry, starry night.")
coyne (legacy) 
In all these environmental things, the functionality goes in before a more general language interface to it. So right now you have to say "the starfield texture is on the sky" or "the sky has a starfield texture" or "The starfield sky". That will change to include more variety. So, for example, "it is night" will give the starfield unless you specify explicitly that the sky has a solid color "the sky is entirely/uniformly/solid black". *br**br*Note also that right now you also have to change the exposure manually after it's rendered if you don't want that washed-out glow around things. I think it should be able to make a guess that when there's a night sky and the sun is black (or below the horizon) that the exposure should be set accordingly. Of course this won't always work (it depends on the lighting and what the camera is looking at)...but it'll probably work most of the time.*br**br*
rws (legacy) 
Tell Vincent to stick it in his ear.*br**br*The starfield looks good. *br**br*Another obvious thing (once you add one thing people always want more) is to have the moon as a light source.*br**br*
coyne (legacy) 
right...moon's on the list. Though it gets into the issues of how to specify positions of these infinite objects. Can't use time like for the sun. Maybe just "the moon is in the east" etc. (Same could apply to the sun)
rws (legacy) 
Right. Well just some reasonable defaults would be fine.*br*
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