gollum777 typed a picture: There is a table 3 feet in front of a wall. The wall is [texture]. Behind the table is a professor. The table faces east. On the table is a paper. The ground is wood. There is a big light above the professor. It is night.
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nheiges  (3/6/2017) 
Is he throwing up his hands in triumph or frustration? :-) Nice scene!
gollum777  (3/6/2017) 
He recites a poem.
nheiges  (3/6/2017) 
Oh, now I see. It's a dramatic recitation!
gollum777  (3/6/2017) 
yep. very dramatic. He is really enthusiastic about it.
boneybird  (3/7/2017) 
The Great Orator!
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