Input text: a saffron orange wall.the wall is 60 feet tall.the wall is 100 feet long.a door is -2 inches in front of the is night.a shelf is above the door.a bust is on the shelf.a large crow is on the bust.a table is left of the door.the table is in front of the wall.a chair is 1 feet in front of the table.the chair is facing the table.a man is -21 inches above the chair.the man is facing the table.the man is 3 feet tall.a paper is on the table.a nightstand is left of the table.a candle is on the nightstand.a 20% yellow light is above the candle.a 40% white light is above the crow.a fireplace is 1 feet right of the door.a 1.3 feet tall flame is -12 inches in front of the fireplace.the flame is 2 inches above the ground.a 15% red light is above the flame.the ground is wood.the camera light is dim.a 15% yellow light is in front of the crow.
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Attributions: The Raven by watcher570
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