Raven's very tasty thought I, there's nothing I like more.
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Input text: a saffron orange wall.the wall is 60 feet tall.the wall is 100 feet long.a door is -2 inches in front of the wall.it is night.a shelf is above the door.a bust is on the shelf.a large cat is -3.2 foot above and -8 foot in front of the bust. a table is left of the door.the table is in front of the wall.a chair is 1 feet in front of the table.the chair is facing the table.a man is -21 inches above the chair.the man is facing the table.the man is 3 feet tall.a paper is on the table.a nightstand is left of the table.a candle is on the nightstand.a 20% yellow light is above the candle.a 40% white light is above and in front of the cat.a fireplace is 1 feet right of the door.a 1.3 feet tall flame is -12 inches in front of the fireplace.the flame is 2 inches above the ground.a 15% red light is above the flame.the ground is wood.the camera light is dim.a 15% yellow light is 2 feet in front of the cat.
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haha :-)
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