come on grandad let's party !

Input text: [party]wall.the ground is rock.the sun's altitude is 90 degrees.a flat man is 1 feet in front of the wall.a first woman is right of the man.a second woman is left of the man.a table is 2 feet in front of the man.a bottle is on the table.a first glass is 2 inches right of the bottle.a second glass is 3 inches left of the bottle.a gold xi is 1 feet right of the table.the xi is face up.a gold delta is 1 inches right of the xi.the delta is face up.the xi is facing southwest.a gold aquarius is left of the table.the aquarius is face up.a pinwheel is 3 inches behind the bottle.the man's shirt is flower.the table is pink.
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go, granddad! great kick-off to the totw
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