gollum777 typed a picture: A donut shop is 3 feet in front of a 5000 feet long first street. The street faces right. The ground is pavement. In front of the donut shop is a second street. The second street faces right. On the second street is a car. an enormous man is -15 feet above the donut shop. The man faces down.the man is -80 feet behind the donut shop.the man is facing southeast..
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watcher570  (3/31/2017) 
well done and amazing !
nheiges  (3/31/2017) 
haha - this is really funny. great scene!
KAWE  (3/31/2017) 
Nanook  (3/31/2017) 
he won't fit through that hole for long if he eats too many donuts great perspective!!
studiomar  (4/8/2017) 
how did the man get inside the life saver/donut ?
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