in a galaxy ...
watcher570 typed a picture: a man.a gold skull is -12 inches above the man.the skull is -13.5 inches behind the man.the skull is -16.5 inches left of the man.the man is tan.the man is shiny metal.a giant planet is 3 feet behind the man.the planet is leaning 30 degrees to the south.the ground is 130 feet tall.the planet is [rot]. [algae]ground.[abstract]sky.a ray is 6 inches right of the man.the ray is 3 feet above the ground.the ray is leaning 37 degrees to the southeast.the sun is old gold.the ray is glass. (This scene uses Getty Images )
 Tags:  ##getty  #totwfantasy 
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 Effects: Saturation
nheiges  (2017) 
a strange place! nice textures
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