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the large radio is on the small car. the large woman is 8 feet behind the car. she is facing the car. the woman is unreflective. the small chair is 2 feet to the east of the car. the small chair is facing the car. the small barn is 5 feet to the left of the woman. the small barn is facing the woman. the large plant is on the chair. the chair is white. the small dog is under the chair. the large pig is .2 feet to the right of the dog. the pig is unreflective. the pig is facing the dog. the man is 1 feet in front of the car. he is facing the car. the man is unreflective. it is sunset. the ground is dark texture. camera-light is red. the light is 5 feet above the plant.
coyne  (legacy) 
Funny one!
Zamchick  (legacy) 
Strikes a chord with my homecomings.
leon  (legacy) 
leon  (legacy) 
leon  (legacy) 
leon  (legacy) 
leon  (legacy) 
leon  (legacy) 
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