Yummy Pizza
Who doesn't like pizza? Nobody! And here is your dinner. Enjoy your meal.

Input text: There is a brown table. On the table is a big white plate. There is a glass on the right and behind the plate. The ground is wood. The sky is wood. There is a cutlery on the right of the plate. There is pizza on the plate. There is a book 1 feet on the right of the cutlery. There is a chair in front of the table. The chair is facing to the table
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Attributions: Yummy Piz... by Warriorcat303
nheiges  (2017) 
You did it. :-)
Warriorcat303  (2017) 
Yep, now the pizza-eater can finally look at his pizza ^^
Nanook  (2017) 
great !
hwarnke3  (2017) 
that looks really good right now
Warriorcat303  (2017) 
thanks :)
hwarnke3  (2017) 
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