Golden Relics of the Temple in the Carpathians
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watcher570  (7/1/2017) 
nice relics :-)
nheiges  (7/1/2017) 
Cool! :-)
KAWE  (7/1/2017) 
too bad that so little remains
lespaulguy  (7/1/2017) 
they must be preserved!
Nanook  (7/1/2017) 
you are hot!!!! P.S. you know you get 10 tokens each day you do something on WE and they can be used to render your images in high definition ( uses 10 each time you do). You decide that on the effects page. :-)
Nanook  (7/1/2017) 
nothing has been lost :-)

Goliath  (7/1/2017) 
Thanks. I know about HD rendering and somewhen I use it.
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