In the garden of raw
RedToxon typed a picture: 1st butterfly is on a 1st bush. a 2nd bush is in front of the 1st bush. the ground is reflective. the sun is pink. the butterfly is [texture]. the 2nd bush is glass. it is noon. 4 inches left of the butterfly is a 2nd butterfly. the 2nd butterfly is facing north. 1 inch right of the 1st butterfly is a 3rd pink butterfly. behind the 1st bush is a 3rd bush. the 3rd bush is glass. in front of the 2nd bush is a 4th bush. the 4th bush is glass. 3 feet in front of the 4th bush is a humongous transparent sphere. in front of the sphere is a humongous moon . 2 inches above the 1st butterfly is a 5th butterfly. the 5th butterfly is facing southwest.the 5th butterfly is transparent. 2 inches behind and above the 1st butterfly is a 6th butterfly. the 6th butterfly is facing northwest. the 6th butterfly is leaning backwards. right of the sphere is a humongous rock.the 1st bush is glass.
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nheiges  (2017) 
very nice!
Nanook  (2017) 
life s always busy in the garden ;-)
watcher570  (2017) 
nice scene!
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