Under the Weather

Input text: the ground is [meadow]. a sun symbol is 12 feet above the ground. a man is on the ground. he is 6 feet to the right of and 6 foot in front of the sun symbol. he faces right. his shirt is black. he leans 5 degrees to the front. a 3 foot deep and 4 foot wide 40% dark [storm] lake is 2 feet above the man. it leans 90 degrees to the front. 1st enormous black drop is 1 foot above the man. 2nd enormous black drop is to the right of and beneath the 1st drop. 3rd enormous black drop is on the man. 4th enormous black drop -.5 foot above and .5 foot left of 1st drop. 5th enormous black drop beneath and -.1 foot right of 4th drop. a black currant light is -1 foot above and 2 foot to the left of the man. a lemon light is 3 feet in front of the sun symbol. 3 purple lights are in front of the man. a linen light is behind the sun symbol.
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Effects: Contrast, Contrast, Contrast
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Nanook  (2017) 
watcher570  (2017) 
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