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Input text: a 20 feet long wood bridge is on the river. it faces right. 1st 7 feet tall man is -3 feet in front of and -6 feet above the bridge. the hat of the man is basket.a 7 feet tall ungulate is 1 feet behind the man. 2nd 7 feet tall man is .4 feet behind the ungulate.the fat hat of the 2nd man is basket.the sun's azimuth is 35 degrees. the sun's altitude is 10 degrees. the sun is snake green. the camera light is dim. 4 sea spray blue lights are -7 feet above the bridge. 3 bamboo leaf green lights are -1 feet above and 3 feet behind and -2 feet left of the ungulate. the ground is 20 feet wide [asia]. 2 igloo blue lights are 1 feet right of the sea spray blue lights. a 1.6 feet tall night bird is -.3 feet above the ungulate. 1st duck is behind the bridge. 2nd duck is 3.8 feet behind and 2 feet left of the 1st duck. it faces the 1st duck. a 5 feet tall [bamboo] stick is -2.8 feet above and -.6 feet in front of and -.8 feet left of the 2nd man.it leans 25 degrees to the front.
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Effects: Brightness, Contrast, Illustration, Sharpen
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watcher570  (2017) 
nice scene and great effects!
nheiges  (2017) 
really nice! I like the little birds following along.
KAWE  (2017) 
more rice
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