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The Earth and the Sun

Input text: the head has a fire texture. the ground is invisible. the sky has a starfield texture. a second head is facing the head. the second head has an earth texture. the head is facing the second head. the second head is matte.
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Zamchick  (5 years ago) 
that's great :-)
coyne  (5 years ago) 
yeah, kind of frightening too!

btw, I assume you're using the (fairly) new object chooser thing (in the right column in the workspace) to pick the different heads without having to type head-vp23423, etc. I find that's a nice way to work...use the general term (or one you know it supports) and then select graphically among those.
technicat  (5 years ago) 
Yeah, I find the object chooser indispensable, now. It's really a great way to explore. Lately, I'd say most of the objects in my scenes are not the originals, and a good portion of new scenes are inspired by seeing an object I didn't realize existed (like the fiery head, here - both the head and texture were found while using the object chooser in a previous scene).

It's kind of interesting, now that I'm thinking about it - when I started using WordsEye I relied largely on the Gallery for examples of what could be done, but the process accelerates with the object chooser - the more scenes you create, the more ideas you can generate for yourself.
technicat  (5 years ago) 
Also, my boss has been on a rampage, lately, so perhaps there's some subconscious inspiration for this one.
rws  (5 years ago) 
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