May You Always Have A Companion Along Your Highway
You always were and will continue to be a companion on mine.

Input text: a rocket ship. the ground is spicy gold. a astronaut is 85 feet in front of the rocket ship. he faces back. a [texture] ape is -.3 feet left of the astronaut. it faces back. 1st miniature tree is 6 feet left of and 17 feet behind the ape. it is -.7 feet above the ground. 2nd miniature tree is 5 feet right of and 14 feet behind the astronaut. it is -.6 feet above the ground. 3rd miniature tree is 22 feet behind and 2 feet left of the ape. it is -.8 feet above the ground. 4th miniature tree is 9 feet right of and 11 feet behind the 3rd tree. 5th miniature tree is 26 feet behind and 12 feet right of the 4th tree. 6th miniature tree is 29 feet behind and 4 feet left of the 3rd tree. 7th tiny tree is 359 feet behind the 6th tree. the sun's azimuth is 220 degrees. the sun's altitude is 30 degrees. the sun is 60% sky blue. a pond blue light is -2 feet above and 1 feet right of the rocket ship
Tags:  ##HD  #Tompetty 
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Effects: Contrast, Contrast, Sharpen
watcher570  (2017) 
sad loss R.I.P. Tom
KAWE  (2017) 
Damn the Torpedoes
nheiges  (2017) 
sad news (on top of so much sad news) . . . I always really liked his music. great scene
Nanook  (2017) 
;, -(
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