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SomethingInteresting typed a picture: the ground is grass. the 1st hand is facing up. it is 3 foot above the ground. the leaf is -1.7 inches above and -4 inches to the right of the hand. it is facing up. a tree is -10 inches to the left of the hand on the ground. the snail is on the leaf. the bush is -10 inches to the left of and -10 inches in front of the hand. the bush is on the ground
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KAWE  (10/21/2017) 
lucky snail :-)
nheiges  (10/21/2017) 
lovely :-)
watcher570  (10/21/2017) 
Nanook  (10/21/2017) 
hedgehog1965  (10/21/2017) 
My daughters used to pick up the same friends from our garden :-)
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