landscape of my mind
watcher570 typed a picture: a silver flat wall.a 1st 5 feet tall silver octahedron is 6 feet in front of the wall.a 6 feet tall clear head is -1 feet behind the wall.silver ground.the wall is 1 inches in the ground.the sky is cloud.the sun is pink.a 2nd 3 feet tall silver octahedron is above the 1st octahedron.the 2nd octahedron is leaning 30 degrees to the east.
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KAWE  (10/24/2017) 
pyramidal :-)
nheiges  (10/24/2017) 
an interesting mental landscape :-)
Nanook  (10/24/2017) 
“The landscape of the mind, against which our thoughts and expectations move, when the wind of the imagination is active, changes as quickly as the clouds; and indeed it consists often of several landscapes, semi-transparent and showing through one another.”
― William Hurrell Mallock, In an Enchanted Island Or A Winter's Retreat In Cyprus
watcher570  (10/25/2017) 
nice quote
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