already ugly but still loved
SomethingInteresting typed a picture: the cactus. the ground is shiny. the 1st bird is -0.9 foot above the cactus. the 1st goldfinch is 6 inches to the right 2 inches behind and 2 inches above the bird. the 2nd goldfinch is 5 inches in front 5 inches under and 8 inches to the left of the 1st bird. the 4th goldfinch is 5 inches to the left 1 foot under and 2 inches in front of the 1st bird
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KAWE  (10/30/2017) 
Nanook  (10/30/2017) 
in the eye of the beholder :-)
cemurp  (10/30/2017) 
an aspiration
hedgehog1965  (10/30/2017) 
...and an inspiration
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