Ice Demons

Input text: A silver crocodile is 10 feet high and 200 feet long. A 4 feet wide and 12 feet high clear cyan monster is 1.5 feet right of and -20 feet in front of the crocodile. The ground is 50% dark and 600 feet high. The sky is 1000 feet wide [nebula]. 4 lights are behind the monster. A 50 feet high clear insect is behind the crocodile. A pink light is in front of the crocodile. A green light is behind the insect. Camera light is black. A scarlet light is next to the light.
Tags:  ##HD 
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Effects: Contrast, Sharpen
nheiges  (2017) 
That mouth, man, that's impressive!
watcher570  (2017) 
cool scene!
KAWE  (2017) 
Nanook  (2017) 
Don't get too close to that thing he's probably got a tongue to match that mouth...reach right out and pull you in!!! Incredibly cool!
hedgehog1965  (2017) 
Thanks - don't worry, Ive got him on a lead :-)
Nanook  (2017) 
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