How Do You Like Me Now...
Now that I'm on my way

Input text: a 20 inch tall man is -28 inches above and -24.2 inches left of and -10 inches in front of a large radio. he faces southeast. the shirt of the man is [texture]. the radio faces southeast.the body of the radio is [metal]. the rim of the radio is black.the radio is on a large nightstand. the hat of the man is [basket]. 3 celery green lights are -27 inches left of and -14 inches in front of and -5 inches above the radio. a large woman is -1.9 feet right of and -8.2 feet above and -4.8 feet in front of the nightstand. she faces the man. a 12 feet tall and 30 feet long [pattern] wall is 2 feet behind the nightstand.the camera light is yellow green. the sun's azimuth is 198 degrees. the sun's altitude is 67 degrees. the sun is dim bud green.a orange light is -8 inches in front of and -4 inches above the man. a 3 inch tall microphone is -.17 feet in front of and -.466 feet left of and -7.2 inches above the man. it leans 8 degrees to the left.
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watcher570  (2017) 
great scene and the woman's expression really sets the scene :-)
(you have missed the i in victory)
KAWE  (2017) 
coyne  (2017) 
funny, great scene!
hedgehog1965  (2017) 
Never noticed the woman's expression before!
Nanook  (2017) 
thanks all, that song has been running around in my head for a couple of weeks then it dawned on me it might work with the totw. and thanks @watcher570 I corrected that i issue :-)
nheiges  (2017) 
funny and a great interpretation of the song. yeah, that facial expression!
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