Early Morning Shopping
hedgehog1965 typed a picture: A silver squid is 3 inch in a huge gold basket. It is facing east. The basket is 5 feet above the ground. The ground is 10 feet wide [water]. Camera light is black. A purple light is behind and above the basket. A mauve light is 2 feet left of the light. A large walrus is -1.5 feet left of and -6 feet above the basket. It is facing the basket. A light is 2 feet behind and above the walrus. A large crab is above and -3.5 feet in front of the squid. A large crab is right of and in front of and -2 feet above the crab. It is facing northeast. It is leaning 40 degrees to the front. A large fish is -1.5 foot left of and above and -1 foot behind the crab. It is leaning left. It is facing southwest. The azimuth of the sun is 280 degrees.
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boneybird  (11/16/2017) 
goo goo goo joob!
nheiges  (11/16/2017) 
The freshest spiders and squid!
Nanook  (11/16/2017) 
nothing but the best....:-)
watcher570  (11/17/2017) 
too early :-)
nheiges  (11/17/2017) 
Oh, not spiders - crabs! Of course :-)
hedgehog1965  (11/17/2017) 
He is partial to a nice fresh spider crab though :-)
hedgehog1965  (11/17/2017) 
... and fresh eggs from the Egg Man :-)
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