Nanook typed a picture: A glass is leaning 90 degrees to the back. A green light is behind the glass. A scarlet light is on the glass. A 2.8 inch high woman is -0.4 inch in front of the glass. She is facing the glass. A red light is behind the woman. Camera light is black. The sun is 85% lemon. A mauve light is 2 inch behind and -2 inch above the glass. A clear flat wall is 0.6 feet above the glass. It is leaning 90 degrees to the front. 7 lights are above the wall. A very tiny silver spaceship is 10 feet in front of and 6 feet above the woman. It is facing northwest. A 5 inch high man is 8 feet in front of and 2.8 feet right of the woman. A dim light is above and behind the spaceship.
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hedgehog1965  (11/23/2017) 
Quite a few views possible from this one!
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