at the bottom of the ocean

Input text: a 20 feet tall starfish.a 40 feet tall group is -15 feet above the starfish.the group is face up.the ground is clear.the sky is water.the water is 1500 feet tall.a 1st large whale is 28 feet above the group.the 1st whale is left of the group.the 1st whale is leaning 75 degrees to the north.a 2nd large whale is 25 feet right of the 1st whale.the 2nd whale is facing southwest.a 3rd large whale is 30 feet left of the 1st whale.the 3rd whale is leaning 80 degrees to the south.a 4th large whale is 15 feet in front of the 2nd whale.the 4th whale is facing left.the 4th whale is 10 feet above the 2nd whale.a 5th large whale is 30 feet left of the 4th whale.the 5th whale is facing north.the 5th whale is leaning 95 degrees to the west.a aqua light is 15 feet above the 2nd whale.
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nheiges  (2017) 
quite a set of teeth on that starfish!
Nanook  (2017) 
all the better to eat with my dear..... :-)
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