Big Bang II
KAWE typed a picture: a 1st 400 inch tall clear white jellyfish . the 1st jellyfish is upside down.a celery green light is 20 inch right of the 1st jellyfish. a 2nd clear white jellyfish is 300 inch tall. the 2nd jellyfish is -190 inch in front of the 1st jellyfish. a dodger blue light is 20 inch left of the 2nd jellyfish. sky is 80% dim antique white. camera light is gold. ground is 150 feet tall. ground is dodger blue.ambient light is gold.sun is forget me not blue.
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 Effects: Saturation, Sharpen, Color-emboss
watcher570  (11/30/2017) 
interesting use of jellyfish
nheiges  (11/30/2017) 
I agree
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