Pirate's Bauble
nheiges typed a picture: a 10 foot tall shiny black plant. ground is silver. a 4 foot tall shiny black sphere is -12 feet above the plant. the plant is on the ground. a galleon is 25 feet behind and to the left of the sphere. it faces right. sky is 4000 foot wide [water]. 10 lemon lights are -15 feet above the galleon. camera light is black. sun is sea mist blue. ambient light is dim gold. (This scene uses Getty Images )
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Nanook  (12/1/2017) 
just plain beautiful !! :-)
watcher570  (12/2/2017) 
so cool!
coyne  (12/2/2017) 
i want one!
nheiges  (12/3/2017) 
thanks :-)
KAWE  (12/3/2017) 
a nice christmas gift
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