Man's most favorite toys

Input text: a 1st 100 inch tall car.a 1st 210 inch tall man -120 inch above the car.the 1st man leans 40 degrees to back.the 1st man is -280 inch in front of the car.the 1st man is -140 inch left of the car.the azimuth of the sun is 90 degrees.the car is 180 inch wide [T2].ground is clear.the wheel rim of the car is gold.a 50 inch tall gold helmet is -40 inch above the car.the helmet is -60 inch in front of the car.a 120 inch tall gold motorcycle is 600 inch right of the car.the windshield of the motorcycle is gold.the motorcycle is facing the car.the motorcycle is -280 inch in front of the car.a 150 inch tall 2nd man is on the motorcycle.
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nheiges  (2017) 
They seem to like their toys :-)
Nanook  (2017) 
Must be Eric and Donnie Jr. judging from all the gold in their toys :-)
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