Protest camp
KAWE typed a picture: ground is 110 feet tall and 600 feet wide.ground is 520 inch wide [shadow]. a 120 inch tall man is 50 inch above the ground.the man is facing northwest.the man is [shadow].the suit of the man is [shadow].sun is 30% dim gainsboro.a 37 inch tall [shadow] harpy eagle is -23 inch above the man.the harpy eagle is -40 inch right of the man.the harpy eagle is facing southwest.the harpy eagle leans 30 degrees to the front. (This scene uses Getty Images )
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 Effects: Saturation, Contrast, Saturation
nheiges  (12/3/2017) 
Nice black and white! What are they protesting?
KAWE  (12/3/2017) 
they protest against the tax reform :-)
nheiges  (12/3/2017) 
A good reason to protest. :-) There's just so many things to choose from these days.
watcher570  (12/3/2017) 
Nanook  (12/4/2017) 
can you see me? I'm the one wearing black and white!
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