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Nanook typed a picture: a tree.a 1st flat silver wall is 1 feet behind the tree.a 2nd flat silver wall is left of the tree.the 2nd wall is facing right.a 3rd flat silver wall is right of the tree.the 3rd wall is facing left.a man is behind the plant. the ground is shiny [beach]. a [pattern] sombrero is -1.9 feet above and -1.24 feet in front of the man. it leans 22 degrees to the front. a 1.3 feet wide and 1.7 feet tall flat [stamp] paper is -2.2 feet above and -8.9 feet right of and .1 inch in front of the 1st wall. (This scene uses Getty Images )
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hedgehog1965  (12/24/2017) 
One of the perks of the job :-)
nheiges  (12/24/2017) 
a great perk :-)
watcher570  (12/25/2017) 
good one!
Nanook  (12/25/2017) 
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