De-sign Points De-way Of De-tour

Input text: road sign is in the [tile] fountain. the pole of the fountain is [metal]. the interior of the fountain is [texture]. a black 8 inch tall and 19 inch wide "DETOUR"is -9.7 inches above and .02 feet in front of the road sign. a flat [arrow] is -20.5 inches above the "DETOUR". 1st car is behind and right of the fountain. it faces right. 1st 4 feet tall man is -6.3 feet above and -4 feet left of the fountain. a marmalade cab is 8 feet behind and -2 feet left of the 1st car. it faces left. 2nd man is 27 feet behind the 1st car. he faces southeast. a woman is right of the 2nd man. she faces southeast. a boy is right of the fountain. the shirt of the boy is [texture]. the hat of the boy is [pattern]. a motorcycle is 24 feet behind and 8 feet left of the 1st man. it is on the faces northeast. 3rd 1.9 feet tall man is -2.4 feet above and -8.1 feet to the back of the motorcycle. he faces northeast. he leans 30 degrees to the back. the ground is [brick]. the sun's azimuth is 220 degrees. the sun's altitude is 78 degrees. the sun is 80% coral. the ambient light is tweed green.
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Effects: Sharpen, Contrast
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watcher570  (2018) 
De-lightful :-)
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