Battling Poles

Input text:  1st shiny [metal] magnet is -.66 feet above and -.74 feet right of a clear globe. the orb of the globe is 1 inch tall [fire]. the magnet leans 78 degrees to the right. 2nd shiny [metal] magnet is -1.05 feet above and -.74 feet left of the globe. it leans 98 degrees to the left. the sky is [space]. the ground is clear. the frame of the globe is shiny copper. a copper light is in front of the globe. the sun's azimuth is 220 degrees. the sun's altitude is 48 degrees. the sun is 20% rust. a 2 inch tall shiny satellite is .1 feet right of and -.5 feet above the globe. a tiny ivory light is above the satellite. a tiny orange light is right of the ivory light.the pole of the globe is silver.
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Effects: Cracked paint, Sharpen, Swirl, Balloon, Saturation, Brightness
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KAWE  (1/30/2018) 
"When next the poles change places, the consequences for the electrical and electronic infrastructure that runs civilization will be dire. The question is when that will happen."
Nanook  (1/30/2018) 
yes that is what the article is about, quite an interesting read :-0
KAWE  (1/30/2018) 
yes endeed
nheiges  (1/30/2018) 
an interesting read I'm sure I'll be lying awake thinking about at 3:00 a.m. . . . great illustration of it!
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