He's at it again!

Input text: a shiny copper dumbbell.the dumbbell is 6 feet long.the dumbbell is leaning 90 degrees to the east.a 1st torus is -4.1 feet above the dumbbell.the 1st torus is face up.a 2nd torus is 9 inches above the 1st torus.it is face up.a 3rd torus is 9 inches above the 2nd torus.it is face up.a man is right of the dumbbell.he is facing southwest.a clear white cabinet is behind the dumbbell.the man's flask is clear.a 1st 5 feet tall building is 8 inches left of the dumbbell.the man's test tube is clear.a 2nd 5 feet tall building is right of the man.the 2nd building is -8 feet in front of the man.a flat wall is 1 feet behind the cabinet.it is 20 feet tall.the wall is 40 feet long.the wall is dirt.the ground is shiny tile.a silver sphere is in front of the man.it is 4 feet above the ground.a test tube holder is in front of the man.it is -10 inches right of the man.a shiny flask is 6 inches left of the test tube holder.
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Effects: Sharpen, Contrast
nheiges  (2/7/2018) 
It's amazing what he can accomplish with a test-tube and a flask :-)
lespaulguy  (2/7/2018) 
strange brew (kill what's inside of you)
Nanook  (2/7/2018) 
a brew for the flu?
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