space station zebra..quadrant 157x432-thx... subsection 2mu
watcher570 typed a picture: a shiny space station is 100 feet above the is leaning 55 degrees to the south.a 70 feet tall sphere is -90 feet above the space station.the sphere is -88 feet in front of the space station.clear ground.the sphere is texture.the texture is 30 feet tall.the texture is dark.the sphere is leaning 55 degrees to the south.a copper light is 40 feet above the sphere.the sky is picture.a rust light is left of the sphere.the sun is 80% blue.
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 Effects: Sharpen, Contrast
nheiges  (10 days ago) 
KAWE  (10 days ago) 
Nanook  (10 days ago) 
super and the lighting really sets it off!
hedgehog1965  (9 days ago) 
I'd like to visit - is it far?
watcher570  (9 days ago) 
just a few light years :-)
hedgehog1965  (9 days ago) 
lespaulguy  (9 days ago) 
love that and you did it with common household wordseye objects :-)
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