morning walk

Input text: a 20 feet tall 1st dodo. the ground is shiny solid black. the [Plant] texture is on the sky. the texture is 2000 feet wide. the camera light is black. it is dusk. a white light is 5 feet above the dodo.
Tags:  ##getty  ##HD  #totwpanorama 
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Effects: Saturation, Hue, Normalize, Brightness, Brightness, Hue, Brightness, Brightness, Brightness, Brightness, Hue, Saturation, Brightness
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coyne  (2018) 
beautiful. i like the feeling from the aspect ratio.
nheiges  (2018) 
just gorgeous!
Nanook  (2018) 
such quiet solitude !!
hedgehog1965  (2018) 
Like the start of an epic film...
nheiges  (2018) 
congratulations, susu!
Nanook  (2018) 
congrats and well deserved :-)
hedgehog1965  (2018) 
Yes, well done :-)
KAWE  (2018) 
susu  (2018) 
thnx :)
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