the holy mackeral

Input text: a 30 inch tall and 20 inch wide and 60 inch deep silver fish .nine 40 inch tall women are 40 inch behind the fish.they are facing the fish.ground is shiny old gold.a 20 inch tall delft blue daisy is -6 inch in front of the fish.the daisy is -22 inch above the fish.the daisy leans 90 degrees to left.the daisy is -22 inch right of the fish.the leaf of the daisy is shiny.
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Attributions: The holy cow by KAWE
nheiges  (2/25/2018) 
funny reply :-)
hedgehog1965  (2/25/2018) 

the holy smoke
nheiges  (2/25/2018) 
the Holy Crap

watcher570  (2/25/2018) 
great replies :-)
KAWE  (2/25/2018) 
all you are funny guys :-)
lespaulguy  (2/25/2018) 
Holy Moly

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