Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.
sentence by Chomsky

Input text: a shiny [green] "IDEAS" is on a large bed. it leans 90 degrees to the back. ambient light is cream. sun is lemon chiffon. camera light is dim. a thought bubble is above the "IDEAS". a 1st 1 foot tall human face is -1.5 foot above and -1.3 foot to the left of the thought bubble. a 2nd 1 foot tall human face is .1 foot to the right of the 1st human face. a large [window] wall is behind the bed.
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hedgehog1965  (2/26/2018) 
Nice idea(s)
nheiges  (2/26/2018) 
Nanook  (2/28/2018) 
...or not at all! had one of those nights on Monday !
nheiges  (2/28/2018) 

Sorry to hear it! It happens to me more and more these days (nights).
hedgehog1965  (3/4/2018) 
(BTW not much sleep for me last night - just got up to catch a flight!)
nheiges  (3/5/2018) 
Thanks, @hedgehog1965, and I hope you have a safe trip. Work or vacation?
KAWE  (3/5/2018) 
nheiges  (3/5/2018) 
thanks, KAWE :-)
hedgehog1965  (3/5/2018) 
Thanks @nheiges - business trip to Poland; I thought it would be cold over here but it's nicer than the weather I left back home :-)
nheiges  (3/5/2018) 
Hope it's a great trip and you get some time to explore and enjoy the relatively nice weather!
Nanook  (3/6/2018) 
congrats "-)
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