Interventions for Dementia, Education, Assessment & Support

Input text: The sky is [medicine]. The ground is [medicine]. A 420 feet long dark shiny bed is left of and 500 feet behind a 200 feet high nurse. A 400 feet high clown is behind and -100 feet right of the bed. He is leaning left. Camera light is black. A red light is 50 feet left of and above the bed. Ambient light is black. A lemon light is behind the nurse. A dim light is in front of and above the nurse. A 250 feet high man is -300 feet left of and -55 feet above the bed. He is leaning 88 degrees to the back. He is facing east. A green light is in front of the clown.
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lespaulguy  (2/26/2018) 
There is hope!
hedgehog1965  (2/26/2018) 
Indeed... alongside faith and charity
nheiges  (2/26/2018) 
great I.D.E.A.S. :-)
Nanook  (2/28/2018) 
uh huh!
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