"Any ideas what we should do with him?"

Input text: A man is on a very large 50% shiny [ice] table. He is 7 inch wide [denim]. The ground is shiny. An [autumn] man is right of and in front of the man. He is facing the northwest. A blue light is above the man. The sky is black. A very tiny penguin is -2 inch left of and behind the man.
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Effects: Contrast
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watcher570  (2/27/2018) 
Find him a mate? :-)
hedgehog1965  (2/27/2018) 

This is why the male pheasant's alone in his retreat :-)
nheiges  (2/27/2018) 
Haha - I guess she liked the tux!
Nanook  (2/28/2018) 
now to find a nice home perhaps a loft in the building above the refrigerator :-)
hedgehog1965  (2/28/2018) 
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