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Input text: a 7 feet tall shiny cubicle.a window is 3 feet behind the cubicle.the window is 80 feet long.a 1st man is in front of the cubicle.he is left of the cubicle.a 4 feet tall chair is right of the 1st man.it is facing northwest.a 2 feet tall tv is -54 inches above the cubicle.it is -70 inches in front of the cubicle.the tv is -70 inches left of the cubicle.the tv's display screen is picture.a 200 feet tall silver sphere is behind the window.it is 100 feet in the ground.the ground is carpet.the sky is [abstract].a 2nd man is left of the 1st man.he is facing the 1st man.the 1st man is facing the 2nd man.the sun is pink.it is noon.
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nheiges  (2/28/2018) 
Bosses, they're all the same. :-)
hedgehog1965  (2/28/2018) 
And it usually needs to be done by yesterday :-)
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