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nheiges typed a picture: a 1st 100 foot tall shiny head. its hair is black. its lip is bordeaux wine mauve. a 200 foot tall and 300 foot wide and 300 foot deep tube is -100 feet above the head. the tube is 50 foot tall picture. camera light is ghost white. sky is black. ground is shiny picture.
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 Effects: Canvas texture
KAWE  (3/1/2018) 
lespaulguy  (3/1/2018) 
a new (vs. old) master image :-)
nheiges  (3/1/2018) 
susu  (3/1/2018) 
watcher570  (3/1/2018) 
great! and same as I said on the 1st version :-)
Nanook  (3/1/2018) 
quite painterly!
nheiges  (3/1/2018) 
thank you all!
coyne  (3/4/2018) 
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