Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
through caverns measureless to man

Input text: a 1st [paper] cave is 1 foot in the white ground. 4 forget me not blue lights are -10 feet above the cave. a small man is -6 feet in front of and -19 feet to the right of the cave. he is 1 foot in the ground. a small rowboat is -2 feet above the man. a 2nd [paper] cave is -20 feet left of and -20 feet in front of the 1st cave. it faces right. 4 cornflower blue lights are -10 feet above the 2nd cave. ground is dull 20 foot wide water. it is night. camera light is black.
Tags:  ##HD  #poem 
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KAWE  (3/2/2018) 
grandios majestic
watcher570  (3/2/2018) 
hedgehog1965  (3/2/2018) 
and mysterious
nheiges  (3/2/2018) 
thank you all for the nice adjectives :-)
susu  (3/2/2018) 
great lighting!
lespaulguy  (3/2/2018) 
very sinusoidal
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