Look Out Below
thanks to @watcher570 for the scenario

Input text: a clear sand dune. a 1st swimmer is behind the sand dune. the ground is clear. the sky is water. the water is 3000 feet tall. a sea mist blue light is 2 feet above the swimmer. a 2nd swimmer is right of the swimmer. a sea mist blue light is 1 feet above the 2nd swimmer.the sun is sea green. a 1st 1 feet tall grass is in front of the swimmer. a 2nd 1 feet tall grass is right of the 1st grass. a 3rd 1 feet tall grass is right of the 2nd grass. 2nd swimmer's one piece bathing suit is green. 2nd swimmer's bathing cap is jade green. a very small alligator is 2 feet in front of and -2 feet to the right of the swimmers. it faces left.
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Attributions: untitled by rene wagner
hedgehog1965  (3/3/2018) 
When I saw the original scene I was thinking how is wasn't really a great spot for a swim :-)
watcher570  (3/3/2018) 
looking for crocodile swimsuits?
nheiges  (3/4/2018) 
I just realized my title doesn't mean what I was thinking, which was that the swimmers should beware of what lies below them. But in fact maybe it's crocodile who's in danger of being poached for swimwear!
lespaulguy  (3/4/2018) 
right @nheiges, who is "the most dangerous game"?
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