Don't forget your severed head on the runway.

Input text: a 1st 50% dark beige rose man is -.4 foot in front of a shiny [night] wall. a 2nd 50% dark beige rose upside down man is -3.2 feet above and -1.5 foot to the right of and -1.5 foot behind the 1st man. the 2nd man leans 45 degrees to the back. the 1st man's pelvis is black. the 1st man's lip is brown. a 1 foot tall dragon is -1.2 foot above and -.8 foot to the left of the man. the 1st man's torso is [pattern]. the second man's lip is brown. the 1st man's thigh is black.
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lespaulguy  (3/5/2018) 
stripped from the headlines :-)
nheiges  (3/5/2018) 
I would never have known of it if not for this totw and google. Fashion news doesn't usually show up in my filter bubble!
watcher570  (3/6/2018) 
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