united we stand

Input text: a 1st clear white metal.the metal is 100 feet deep.the metal is 30 feet wide.the metal is 15 feet tall.a clear man is -30 feet behind the metal.he is -10.6 feet left of the metal.the sky is picture.the ground is [abstract].the [abstract]is 10 feet tall.the sun is sea green.a shiny red sphere is 1 feet in front of the man.a 10 feet tall shiny skull is 1 feet behind the man.the skull's eye is red.the skull's nose is green.a squirrel brown light is above the skull.
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Effects: Sharpen, Sharpen, Despeckle, Contrast
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lespaulguy  (3/7/2018) 
approaching the singularity
nheiges  (3/7/2018) 
nheiges  (3/11/2018) 
And I sort of copied this idea today :-)
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