Input text: a tiny black ball. a black translucent 10 feet high and 100 feet wide and 100 feet deep lake is 450 feet behind and 385 feet right of the ball. the lake is 180 feet above the ground. a 30 feet tall shiny solid gray dodo is -20 feet above the lake. it leans 70 degrees to the back. the ground is solid shiny black. the sky is black. it is afternoon. the camera light is black. the sun's light is white. the ambient light is white.
Tags:  ##HD 
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Effects: Contrast, Contrast, Color-emboss, Color-emboss
KAWE  (2018) 
super super
Nanook  (2018) 
I can feel it...it's just like in my dreams :-)
nheiges  (2018) 
coyne  (2018) 
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