Honey I Shrunk The Kids

Input text: a 50 inch tall [backdrop] cube.a 10 inch tall man is -46 inch above the cube.a 10 inch tall gray window is -16 inch left of the cube.it is -.39 inches above the ground. the window is facing west.the man is facing the window.the pane of the window is clear white.a yellow light is 5 inch right of the man. the 4 inch tall boy is -3.8 inches left of and -9.8 inches above the window. a 3.7 inch tall woman is behind the boy. a 9 inch tall opera singer is in front of the window. she faces the man. she is -47 inches above the cube.
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Attributions: Getty Images, The window... by KAWE
coyne  (9/5/2018) 
Cute :-)
nheiges  (9/5/2018) 
funny :-)
watcher570  (9/7/2018) 
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