Nostalgia for Sale!

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nheiges  (9/6/2018) 
very nice!
coyne  (9/6/2018) 
Thanks! btw, this uses a new (upcoming) feature that allows 2D effects to be applied to uploaded images.
nheiges  (9/6/2018) 
cool :-) the new features will be fun to try out
Nanook  (9/6/2018) 
yippee yi yo kayay, I've been a waitin' for this for a long time :-)
coyne  (9/6/2018) 
oh good! :-) It just seemed like such a natural thing to support.

One bigger (though related) change will be that background images can easily be made to stay in place when you move the camera. So positioning the scene relative to the background becomes just a matter of moving the camera.
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