We come in peace!

Input text: The glass sphere is -13 inches above the man. it is -26 inches in front of the man. it is 16 inches wide. the yellow light is -2 inches in front of the sphere. it is 8 inches in the sphere. it is 1 inch tall. the one inch tall magenta light is next to the yellow light. the one inch tall cyan light is one inch below the yellow light. the cactus is 3 feet in front of the man. the large alien is 3 feet left of the cactus. alien is behind the man. the ground is shiny. the red light is above the cactus. a green light is in front of the man. a coral light is above the green light. it is night. the ufo is 8 feet behind the alien. it is left of the alien. it is 10 feet above the ground. the white light is 3 feet below the ufo. it is in front of the ufo.
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nheiges  (9/8/2018) 
Great scene! Love the space helmet!
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