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nheiges  (9/14/2018) 
and bewitched and bothered :-)
Nanook  (9/14/2018) 
You can add befuddled and oh ok, can't think of enough be- words. Great scene and I am hoping that we will be able t create a 'background' scene and the build on that ..... the text we could save with that ability would be huge...:-0
watcher570  (9/15/2018) 
coyne  (9/15/2018) 

yes, it's not quite finished yet, but you'll be able to make and name/save a scene to re-use it as though it was a single object. In the scene above, the background room was created separately and invoked with a single word. These composite objects can be used for either foreground elements (e.g. a man with a hat added) or background (the room above). And people will be able to share these named composite objects just like regular scenes, by posting to a special area of the gallery... they'll then show up in the object chooser just like other objects, based on the assigned name.

A different, but related mode, will allow any texture, uploaded image, or rendered scene to be used as a photo backdrop that will stay in place as you move the camera.

All of my recent gallery posts have been creating while testing these various new modes. :-)
KAWE  (9/15/2018) 
I think this addition will add a new great opportunity to WE :-)
nheiges  (9/16/2018) 
I agree!
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