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TheHoofer typed a picture: there is a column of 5 palm-tree-vp1389. the sky is purple. it is dawn. the sun is gold. The ground has a grass texture. the grass texture is 8 feet wide. the giant blue bird is 30 feet to the right of the tree. It is 38 feet above the ground. the huge red bird is 12 feet in front of the blue bird. it is partly cloudy. the huge black "271" is 5 feet in front of the red bird. the "271" is facing left.
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Zamchick  (5 years ago) 
z, try to adjust brightness on this picture on the view picture page. you can get rid of glow or tone the whole thing down.
coyne  (5 years ago) 
You didn't specify, but it's best to use Render Brightness (on that page) for this rather than the 2D effect called brightness. The Render Brightness command better preserves the color resolution of the picture. It also is responsible for adding or removing the glows around bright objects.

Not to say you shouldn't also use the 2D brightness (and contrast) commands. But usually good to start with Render Brightness if you want to make a coarse correction to the scene brightness.
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