Input text: The [Farm] backdrop. The 5 foot tall man is next to the couch. the couch is facing left. the shiny ground. a magenta light is above the dog. the yellow light is right of the man. the dog is on the couch.
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Effects: Talk Balloon
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coyne  (10/23/2018) 
A bunch of new stuff (with some rough edges)...please help us test it and give feedback!

Static photo/image backdrops. The term "backdrop" creates a fixed position background object that won't move with the camera. It can have an image/texture. This allows for easy positioning of the foreground scene relative to the backdrop using normal camera navigation. A backdrop shortcut button has been added to the GUI to automatically insert text for backdrops (e.g. "the ocean backdrop") into scenes.

Scenes as textures. Any published scene can be used as a texture (e.g. as a backdrop) without having to explicitly upload it. Search/choose via the new background selector menu or reference directly based on assigned hashtags (the # not required).

User definable vignettes. These are scenes that can be treated as a single compound object and used in other scenes. Saving them in the gallery makes them accessible to other users. Their constituent objects can also be referenced by name and have their materials modified. (e.g. "the sofa of the room is red")

Mobile browser support. The site is now much more functional on mobile browsers. (a couple glitches on IOS currently)

Finer-grained camera navigation. Allows for smoother and more flexibility in positioning the camera.

2D effects can now be applied to uploaded images. Talk balloon etc now have an color outline option.

Empty trash button. To permanently delete images and scenes.
jarble  (10/28/2018) 
Are there any instructions that explain how to use and create user-definable vignettes?
coyne  (10/29/2018) 
Not yet...but we will add some. Basic idea is simple though. You create scene and give a name (or names) to the overall set of objects that it consists of. (The groundplane/terrain and sky are not saved in the vignette, only the actual main scene objects.) Any name assigned to the vignette should be a recognized noun. You can then refer to that vignette as a single object in other scenes.
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